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Nguyen, Vincent

Nguyen, Vincent

I was born and raised in Garland, Texas and completed my undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Dallas. I started to enjoy and admire the beauty of Mathematics my senior year of high school and now seek to inspire others to be able to at least appreciate and better understand the subject. Additionally, in my free time I train and powerlift recreationally and have been training for 12 years.

Class Schedule 2022-2023

1st Period (7:50 - 8:43) Algebra I

2nd Period (8:47 - 9:32) Algebra I

3rd Period (9:36 - 10:21) Algebra I

5th Period (10:25 - 11:10) Algebraic Reasoning

5th Period (11:14 - 11:59) Lunch

6th Period (12:03 - 12:48) Algebraic Reasoning

7th Period (12:52 - 1:37) Conference

8th Period (1:41 – 2:26) Algebra I - H

9th Period (2:30 – 3:15) Algebra I




B.S. in Mathematics with minor in Economics




Math 7-12


Math Department Chair

Head Powerlifting Coach