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Kevin Spurgin Bio

As the father of 4 daughters, Mr. Spurgin and his wife, Jana, are never bored. For the Spurgins, life is full and the unexpected has become normal. After teaching in Garland High School's International Baccalaureate program for 8 years, Mr. Spurgin pursued a few other interests including youth ministry, the arts, and a cultural immersion experience in the soul of Dallas, Deep Ellum. Coming to A+ Academy in 2011, he has served as a Science Teacher, Instructional Team Leader, Department Head and his current position, Instructional Technology Specialist. He earned his Bachelor of Science from Stephen F. Austin State University and his Master of Education from The University of Texas at Brownsville. He holds certificates in science, technology and e-learning. If you want to find him during his free time, look for skis - water skis, snow skis or jet skis. All of the above could easily consume all his time.