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Deans, Trent

Deans, Trent

My name is Trent Deans and this will be my 2nd year at A+ Secondary and my 10th year teaching overall. I teach Algebra 2 and Pre-Cal with the focus of “Math Used in the Real World”

I am also the Head Boys Soccer Coach and assistant Varsity Football coach. We accomplished some great achievements by our philosophy “Attitude is Everything” and “Get Better Everyday”.  This allowed us to earn the following achievements:

  • Program’s First Academic All-State

  • Individuals making the All-Region and All-District Team

  • Back-to-back Playoff Berths

  • A Top 10 Region Ranking and a Top 20 State Ranking. 


Class Schedule 2022-23

1st Period (7:50 - 8:43) Room B303 Algebra 2

2nd Period (8:47 - 9:32) Room B303 Algebra 2

3rd Period (9:36 - 10:21) Room B303 Pre-Cal

4th Period (10:25 - 11:10) Room B303 Pre-Cal

5th Period (11:14 - 11:59) Room B303 Algebra 2

6th Period (12:03 - 12:48) Room B303 Lunch

7th Period (12:52 - 1:37) Room B303 Conference

8th Period (1:41 – 2:26) Room B303 Algebra 2

9th Period (2:30 – 3:15) Room B303 Algebra 2



Bachelors in Science and Minor in Mathematics at University of North Texas



Math 8-12

Physical Education EC-12